Fun fact, Tonocha’s real name is actually Tammie! 

Joining the hobby in 2017, I started taking face-up commissions in 2018. In the same year, I dipped my toes in sculpting and made my first BJD head, Hana. Now I have completed my first 1/4 scale BJD doll.

I am sooooo happy that, in this vast internet, you have stumbled upon my doll site! Here you can find my little creations and services that I offer. 

Free feel to look around & Enjoy your visit!

Tonocha in 2016


That Perfect Face-Up...

Doll Painter since 2018. Helping doll owners complete their dolls just as they envisioned!


That dream prop...

We all know that feeling! Your doll is 99% complete but is just missing THAT one piece of prop.

I offer 3D sculpting for simple props & accessories, starting at only $15! 

Take a look! Project quotes and consulting is FREEEEEEE.


More Tono-Minis are coming 2024♡

Tonocha BJD Mini dolls will have an in-stock sale starting January 2024. The body has been renewed for better posing and durability. The 2024 body comes with three sets of interchangeable magnetic hands!