Order FAQ


For Face-ups: I do not work on recast dolls. If I suspect recast upon arrival, I notify you and will return your package.

For Pre-ordered BJDs: Tonocha Dolls have not yet been counterfeited. I am glad to confirm provenance upon request.  



For Face-ups: The turnaround time for (1) face-up commission is 2 to 3 weeks. Sending multiple dolls will delay the turnaround time. I ship the finished commission back in the same package that it arrived in. I am not responsible for damages caused by poor packaging.

For Pre-ordered BJDs: Delivery time varies for each preorder. Most orders will be shipped within 3 to 4 months.  


Refund and Returns Policy

Please first contact me at info@tonochabjd.com for questions related to refunds and returns.

For Face-ups: A refund can only be issued if you contact me before I receive your package in the mail. If a refund occurred while the package is en route, I will return your package once I receive shipping reimbursement from you. Finished face-ups can not be returned/repainted. If you are unsatisfied with the face-up on your doll, I agree to refund half of your payment; in which case you will be held responsible to remove the refunded face-up and send picture proofs.

For Pre-ordered BJDs: Due to the nature of pre-ordered items, all sales are final. I can issue a refund if you contact me before the preorder period ends. I do not accept returns on pre-ordered BJDs. I offer a replacement for parts if quality issues arise. To replace/exchange your damaged BJD parts, please contact me for my physical address. I am responsible for shipping costs.