Mini Line Full Doll Ticket


This is a virtual ticket that grants 1 purchase slot for the doll chosen.

The actual doll is not included in this $1.00 purchase.

Please see below for more specs.

The ticket is refundable. Resin dolls are not subjected to return or refund. 

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You are buying a virtual ticket through this product page.

Actual doll not included.



📍What is available to purchase?

Mini Line Full doll (2 extra hand sets and heel feet)

*in-stock and ready-to-ship



📍Skin Tones?

Cream (Paper white)

Peach (FL matching)

Coffee (Soom Tawny matching)



$545 Cream, Peach

$560 Coffee

*Shipping not included


📍Sizing Chart

7-8 in wigs

12/6mm or 14/7 mm eyes