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Tonocha BJD Release History

The purpose of this post is to date the releases of Tonocha Mini Line dolls, in hopes to better serving the community with secondhand transactions.

November, 2021 Preorder

The First Edition preorder for Tonocha Mini Line dolls.

  • Available Skin Tones: Cream, Peach, Berry, and Coffee.
  • Available Sculpts: Hana, Bae, and Cider.

A total of 10 dolls were sold. The CoAs confirm “First Edition” and contain order numbers. The CoAs numbers are traceable.

Additional faceplates were offered as an event special item.

Body Kits were sold along with the dolls as an event special item. This is to appreciate all the doll owners who adopted floating Hana heads from previous sales. Choco skin was offered once more, along with Peach, and Coffee skin for the body kits.

March, 2022 Preorder

The first round preorder for Tonocha Cup Fairy dolls.

  • Available Skin Tones: Taro*, Peach, Berry.
  • Available Sculpts: Hana, Bae, and Cider.

Taro skin is a new, special purple skin designed only for the cuppies.